Meta: If you can go two or only one step ahead of the media, then you are winning the battle of marketing.


The world is now open to everyone and you can reach to mostly all of the information you want to know about. For that reason, information is now the most valuable resource on the internet and the real world. You can get a huge attention right away if you are the only one can have exclusive information about things that people care about. Like the last book of series Harry Potter came out, if you had known the storyline of the seventh book one day ahead before it’s published, you could have been really famous and rich by now.

This information seems like not related to your business but you will be surprised to know that it helps your page gain a huge traffic and engagement after these posts like that. But you have to know that the earlier you can post that information, the more crowded you get. You do have to select them carefully but for most of trending information, it’s always helping you spread your business.

Marketing on Facebook is a real war among small and new business

Which type of trending news is suitable for your Facebook page?

First of all, you have to understand your products and your customers, and then you will know which type of news works for you. Not all of trending and hot news are good for your business. Example, your products are luxury and you are focusing on high-end customers, the news about an artist winning a rewards or an athlete is getting married will be unrelated. Except that they are also high-end customers and using your products.