As a small business, a successful Facebook Marketing strategy goes beyond a Facebook presence and posting updates. How can you effectively use Facebook Marketing for Business?

One platform

Before we even look at how you can use Facebook to market your brand, it is important to note that as a small business, it will pay off to focus on one social media platform, in this case, Facebook. Trying to keep up with multiple sites will be costly in the end, and time consuming as well.

On Facebook, you can create custom pages, post photos and videos, as well as engage with your audience. This is why many small business opt to use it as a marketing tool. Let us look at the strategies:

1. A good profile picture and cover photo

This seems pretty obvious. However, these two components make up your brand’s first impression. You can use your company’s logo as the profile picture. You can however be more creative with the cover. For instance, you can use a team photo or product display. You can also design something specific for this purpose.

17 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses