11 tips to make a Facebook post go massively viral

Advancements in digital technology have tremendously transformed the digital arena. This has made social media marketing a key segment of every company’s marketing strategy. Due to the enormous number of Facebook users most entrepreneurs use it as a platform to battle out their supremacy.

Everybody wants their Facebook posts to go viral. All types of Facebook posts whether text based, photos or videos have the potential of going viral thereby boosting your brand’s reputation.

Below are the secret ingredients on how to make a Facebook post go viral

1. Do not limit the type of posts you share

This calls for those involved in Facebook marketing to understand the various degrees of Facebook marketing. For example, some people tend to believe that only text based posts can be shared widely. On the contrary, other forms of posts such as videos and photos can also make your business the next big thing. For instance, if you run a food business, you can create videos on how to make certain menus, then share the link to that video on your Facebook page. For the same business idea you can share photographs of delicious and savory meals as well as share the menu as text.

2. Understand the quality of content that go viral

Most of the people who use Facebook marketing only hope that their content will go viral. This is because you cannot out rightly make a content go viral. The only thing you can do is develop it in such a way that your audience will be compelled to find it worthy of being shared. As such you should craft funny, compelling, educational, interesting and top quality content.

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