In G8 Conference, CEO of Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook was updating the latest technology to support the users about the ability to share everything which they want to. G8 Conference is an annual FB meeting that is held in Mc.Energy Convention Center, San Jose, California to announce the newest changes to Facebook. Here are the latest changes in FB calculation that you may come across.

“Like” button does not mean you interact with other people regularly

In the past, you clicked one post, and other posts of someone appeared in your news feed automatically. But now, if you want to follow the content or the posts of someone or any page and groups, you need to comment, share or click other emoji like “the heart,” “ha ha,” etc. Therefore, the number of reaching the audiences of groups and pages in FB quickly decrease.

Get the multi - tracking feature in FB analytics

Before getting the advertisement in FB page, you could study some key metrics in FB analytics as this is a helpful channel to choose the campaign wisely in the digital world.