If you understand thoroughly the nature of influencer marketing and some common mistakes? Let’s follow this article!

Nowadays, the Internet is growing so fast. Social media is becoming more diversified, leading to the advent of a range of PR technologies. It is the case for a movie premieres, people criticize it bad, but why do many people still go to see? Did you know that the film group distributed 100 free VIP tickets for "Influencers"?

A saying of celebrities will create powerful interactive effects through social networks, which are much more valuable than regular advertising. The term "Influencer Marketing" also comes from here.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that uses influencers to send brand messages to the market. Instead of advertising directly to a group of customers, you will inspire and pay the influencer to help you do that. Influencers will spread their voices through social media channels either by compiled labels or by their own words.

The dawn of the micro-influencers

Formerly, brands and businesses often work with influencers such as famous singers, actors or models (Star A) to be brand ambassadors or advertisers for TV and media products. . However, young customers have changed with the rise of social networking. Marketing trends around the world have turned into a new "influencer marketing" model, which I call "micro-influencer" marketing or advertising with micro-influencers.