You didn’t want to spend much money creating a massive email list, right? But growing it is pretty much like climbing a mountain or a traverse a hilly terrain. So it certainly takes a lot of time, hard efforts, and perseverance. Today, we’re going to share only four simple tips on how to build an email marketing list with a giveaway, which is believed to optimize the growth of your email lists in a short span of time!

Great reasons why building your email marketing list is important! 

4 Super Easy Tips On How To Build An Email Marketing List With A Giveaway

Following the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing owns the average ROI of $40 for each one-dollar spent. Take a look at these essential statistics below:
  • 42% of users opened and read the marketing emails in their inbox
  • 30% of them ignored most of them but thoroughly read all of the subject lines
  • 35% of users had availed a coupon/discount from one of these emails in the last week
  • 33% of them had availed a discount from one of their emails in the last month 
Well, it sounds like building a huge email marketing list is an excellent way to increase business’ sales. After growing your email list to a certain number of subscribers, don’t hesitate to run a giveaway contest, which is strongly trusted to appeal even more people to register for the list.