“Content marketing is there to stay in 2018. Update the latest trends to follow this year to keep up with the race”

Content is a strategic asset that has survived the test of time and will thrive in a foreseeable future.  As technology changes, the trends that that boost content marketing to its current position are evolving and renewing themselves and unless brands adapt and stay on top of the newest, their effort to keep digital engagement will fall flat. Here we will give you quick up-to-date trends so that you can come up with the shiniest strategies for your brands:

Videos will take content marketing by storm

In terms of potential reach, videos are beyond compare. Videos were expected to be huge in 2017 and this trend will be dominant in 2018 to come. The two star players now are YouTube and Facebook. HubSpot did an extensive research last year to point out the vital role that videos play in content marketing, some of the takeaways are: 48% of marketers have already planned to go for videos in the following year, which means 2018, and 46% will launch their videos on Facebook (They are doing it right now as we speak).  Axonn even claims that 7 out of 10 people have a positive feeling towards brands after watching videos from them.