There are various styles of advertisements - hoardings, print advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising and social media advertising. Approaching each type with a little originality can improve your movement and get your brand the preferred concentration from prospective customers. It will also take you a step ahead of your competitors. However there's a new structure of advertising trick that's presently taking the center stage – it is known as native advertising. Many of the brands may have already implemented this method in their advertising movement.

First of all, let's describe native ads. To put it merely, in layman's terms, native advertising is paid content that's frequently well-disguised as organic content. Formats for native advertising contain articles, info graphics, videos, adverts and more. The content promoted this way may emerge to add value but its general objective is to sell a product or a service. Unlike banner ads on websites, this does not disturb the flow of the users' experience and kind of blends in with the content and the environment.