Content marketing: 3 types of stereotypes to remove

You did everything to promote your online marketing. You know about SEO tricks, from the use of long tail keywords to building connections with influencers. And, perhaps you are also paying extra to push your website to the top of the list of sites people will search for in your field of activity.

So, what else can you do to make a real difference in the market? Unless you do something that no one on the planet does, your content will naturally overlap with other pages, at least occasionally. Everyone is like this: Write content similar to those around you. This is normal, especially in the field of online marketing, as most companies hire freelancers to write content for them.

These freelancers can write content smoothly, and fast, but they do not necessarily know much about what they are writing, whether real estate, travel, nutrition, or fashion. So, they often copy the content on other websites and "transform" it in their own language. The pen within the company also does the same thing. The problem is, the "private language" usually has the same tendency.

Illustrated by Steve Johnson.
What to do to make your content different from the crowd? It is a great way to identify common "patterns" and avoid using them. There are three such models, according to David Loftus, author, and editor of AudienceBloom Advertising and Marketing, and Sesame Communications. Posted on Entrepreneur:

1. What is the most used word on the internet?

Do you know the most used words on the web? That is the word "important". You see it everywhere, in terms like "very important to say", "that matters," "most important," "especially important," "important," "Important interests", "important decisions" ...

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